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2015-01-01 12:01 am

Friends Only

This is a friends only journal. If you would like to be added, please comment below.
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2011-12-24 09:52 pm
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Writer's Block: Santa Claus is coming to town

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Wow. But what can I expect from LJ anymore? Stay classy there, LJ. Stay classy.
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2011-07-28 11:54 pm
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Okay, well I'm here! Dunno who else is here, gonna have to pick through Megs friends page. I needed to back up my LJ after this latest DOS attack on them. I was getting a little PISSED that I couldn't access my LJ. So now I'm on DreamWidth, which doesn't seem to have quite as many F and a U to it's users yet. I was also really afraid that I'd lose all 11 years of my LJ (like my last one) so now I should have it backed up if I did it right...

Now I gotta buy the account so I can upload all my icons!
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2007-05-21 10:40 pm


At first I was writing Fanlib off as a ludicrous idea because of the obvious stupidity factor. You aren't supposed to make money off of anything involving fandom. It's one of the rules that I've always followed and I know I've had my share of laughs at those who have attempt to make some sort of profit off of their fandom. Even if it is just in ad revenue, they are still putting something on the line, and it sure isn't their playground: it's ours. And Mr. Chris Williams et al seem to know that very well.

Sorry, I'm no Charlotte Lenox )